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Superior Court Finds Richmond 12 Guilty, but Not Personally Liable

On October 23, 2009, the Cheshire Superior Court ruled on 4 points in the lawsuits regarding the SBC expansion.  These rulings constitute summary judgments on 3 cases: SBC appealing decision of the land use boards, SBC seeking liability for the 'Richmond 12', and John Boccalini/Kathleen Witham/et al. appealing ZBA's decision on the school operated at SBC.

1.  Saint Benedict Center argued that the members of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) - collectively known as the 'Richmond 12' - had "exceeded the scope of their official authority."  The Town argued that the members should be given immunity because they were acting in a quasi-judicial capacity.  The Court ruled that the 'Richmond 12' indeed could not be personally held liable.  As such, the full impact of damages will be borne by the Town of Richmond. 

2.  SBC and Town of Richmond both sought judgment regarding the claims of violation of constitutional rights and RLUIPA (Federal anti-discrimination law).  The judge ruled that the Planning Board and ZBA violated the 1st Amendment Rights to Freedom of Religion because they required SBC to obtain a special exemption and violated the RLUIPA statutes by placing conditions which cannot be met.

3.  SBC sought judgment in the Boccalini/Witham/et al. case against the ZBA regarding the school as an accessory use.  The judge did not rule on this issue and it is still pending.

Further, the Town agreed to comply with requests to provide more material regarding the case.

For more information, please see the SBC V. Richmond page.

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Reader Comments (2)

When will you Richmond 12 admit the truth? You screwed up royaly when you changed the subject from zoning to belief systems. When you did that you lost credibility. We know how Majoy feels about things, and his looney lefty friends Provost, O"Rorke, et al. But what about the rest of the Richmond 12? What do Boudreau, Beauregard, Morin, Condin, etc.. think?
We haven't heard from them. Is their silence to be taken as approval for the blatant hatered of their supporters? You made this issue much greater than just a project in the woods. You broadened the issue to that of political warfare. You took it regional and into cyberspace.
It is day of reckoning time over there in Richmond. Its time to cut the bull and state your intentions and motives...all of you. You can't fool all of us anymore. We are not all stupid sheep.
We won't let you do to us what you did to the SBC and your other residents. We wont let you do to this town what you did to yours. We know who all of you are and who all of your friends are in our town. We have connected the dots.
Since you like "watches" so much, we thought we would start one of our own. It is called "Commie Watch." You are on it and will stay on it until the situation improves. We will not let you traitors take our liberties from us.
PS Like this post? It is on par with one of Majoy and Provost rants, isn't it. I'm sure they will like it being they are such proponents of "Diversity." Hey, we just can't help it. We were born this way. You must accept us in the name of "Inclusion."
Richmond(looneyville) Commie Watch

June 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNot fooled

Richmond is indeed a strange place. Plenty of contradictions. Take for example, the guy who lives at the corner of Monument Rd and Rte 119. For the longest time he had a "Join the Cub Scouts" sign displayed on his lawn. Then the "We support the Richmond 12" sign went up. After that, it was a Gillis sign. A Scanlan sign too, if I'm not mistaken.
So let's see. The guy supposedly likes the Scouts, the motto of which is "I promise to do my duty to God and Country." Yet, he places a sign in his yard supplied by the Atheist that lives around the corner from him who hates the US and a campaign sign of a women who attacked the BSA becuase it refused to allow sodomy in its ranks. What a complete contradiction! Unless, of course, the guy doesn't really believe in the BSA's motto. Perhaps he just views the Scouts as a tool to be used for "Community Organizing." Just another great institution to be infiltrated and destroyed from within. Or, perhaps he views it as an "Activity Club" where he can drop his kids off.
Now there is Scanlan, someone new to the "Inner Circle." Is she a willing inductee to the Marxist ruling class of Richmond or is she a naive dupe being used to get back at Vaughn for his support to settle with the SBC?
It is difficult to figure these people out sometimes. They just don't make any sense? Then again, we are discussing Richmond. Nothing there seems to be normal these days.
I just hope this insanity doesn't find its way up to Swanzey.

June 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCurious

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